Vehicles over a pedestrian bridge in the village of Altarnun

WW2 Jeep follows example set by Austin 7s & drives over a pedestrian bridge
Article text
Thumbs Up - a successful squeeze through
At the beginning of the year, three Austin 7s from the Cornwall Austin 7 Club, stopped in the village of Altarnun, and spied a narrow pedestrian bridge, and decided it would be a challenge to carefully drive their vehicles over the bridge. They succeeded.
News of that event spread, and a local resident of Altarnun took up the challenge, aiming to take his WW2 Jeep across the bridge.
I have now completed that photo assignment to record the WW2 Jeep squeeze & scrape its passage over the bridge. It too succeeded, but only just; with some paint removed from the bodywork ! Photos will appear here on the site in due course.
UPDATE: Learnt - photos I took on this assignment have been published in the National "Military Vehicle Trust" magazine, entitled "Windscreen" - pleased with that.