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The Capitol Building - Washington DC
Just completed another article for the local parish magazine ( Tre Pol Pen ). This months article ( with photos ) continued the monthly reports about our 4 city trip to the USA, and covered our visit to Washington DC. With so much to write about, and so many photos to select from; I took the decision to split this report into two ( one for the April magazine & one for the May copy ). So with that plan sorted, this month's article concentrated on history and a visit to the Capitol building. Completed in 1800, and located at one end of the National Mall, and it is a pivotal point around which the city was set out. Built in a neoclassical style, with a white exterior, it is huge & stands proud to impress everyone who sees it. On the outside, perched firmly on top of the dome is the bronze Statue of Freedom. 19 feet tall it still needed my most powerful zoom lens to take “up-close” photos.
On our tour inside, we learnt that the dome seen externally has a separate dome built inside it. So one dome inside another.
One of the many rooms we saw on the tour, was the National Statuary Hall; a room containing many statues - mostly of former presidents ( all now deceased ). Apparently states around the country have to apply to have a statue installed in this area of The Capitol Building - but the statues can only be for deceased nominees. We guess several states are waiting for some living presidents expire!
Amongst the “great & good” is a “good” statue for the African-American Civil Rights activist; Rosa Parks. It was in 1955 that Rosa refused to give up her bus seat in the “coloured” section, to allow a “white” passenger to sit. Her act of defiance became an important symbol in the resistance to racial segregation.

There is so much to see and learn - this is a visit to be recommended, but you ned to book in advance. Tours are free, but use their website to reserve tickets.