Altarnun Football Club

Altarnun Football Club - Team photo
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An opportunity arranged to take a photo of Altarnun Football Club team & Coaching staff. It was cold - feeling like sub zero - so a quick shoot, as football shirt & shorts was clearly not the warmest of things to wear.
Thankfully, the game soon warmed those men in Red & Black ! And the opposition ( St Cleer F.C. ) played their part in the 90 minutes battle.
Result - honours even, with a 1 - 1 draw.
Took 99 photos during the afternoon, and frozen to the bone, trudged home to view the results. Pleased with the team shots, so hopefully the team members will be too. If accepted, this will be another record to join other team photos from days bygone, on display in the club-house.
Photo also submitted to local Parish magazine, and local press.
Good fun to go and support local lads, and chat with the loyal supporters who turn up week in and week out.