Arlington Court

Arlington Court & the National Trust Carriage Museum
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A trip to Exmoor for my wife and me, took us first to Dulverton & then deeper onto the moor, with a visit to the well known attraction of "Tarr Steps". Cameras in competition placed me second in successfully portraying this tranquil area. Devoid of many people it was peaceful & it was great. Not to be outdone in the wife verses husband photography stakes, I hoped for better things later in the day, wherever the car and the cameras took us. Where did we end up, but at a new location for us both - Arlington Court & the National Trust Carriage Museum. Just opened 3 days ago for the new season, we again had wide open spaces devoid of much human contact. The house ( occupied by the Chichester family ) had many, many sea faring links. The grounds and gardens were well manicured, and the community church ( located in the grounds ) recorded the strong Chichester family ties. The carriage museum was especially noteworthy & highly recommended to see.
Having reconnoitred the area I chose to take photos of a small lake in the grounds, low camera angle capturing good water reflections of the nearby church and trees. Better pleased with these photos, we returned home - honours even. A good 150 mile round trip - pleasant walks, we were both pleased with some of our photos, and we dined out. Everyone happy then !!