The Cruel Sea !

Duckpool on the North Cornish Coast
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A showery day, with a strong wind, was always going to give a fine show of waves hitting the coast with boundless energy & fury. So off to the North Cornish Coast, and more precisely to a small inlet called "Duckpool". The area of coastline around here is steeped in a history of "smugglers & wreckers"; and nearby is "Hawkers Hut" - where Robert Stephen Hawker, vicar of Morwenstow, kept a weather eye open for shipwrecks, and gave Christian burials to the seamen who lost their lives along this stretch. Morwenstow church graveyard is testament to "the Cruel Sea".
Travel down a narrow road - to reach a small National Trust car park ( with toilets - not open on my visit, so I guess seasonal only ). Here you find a rocky beach with high and imposing cliffs towering up either side. This terrain helping to funnel the sea surges into this narrow inlet. In opposition a strong river current meanders down the valley & helps to swell the sea. The pounding of the waves, and the meeting of the river water, provides a constant rumbling sound, as the pebbles and stones are continuously rearranged. Close to the waters edge, the height of the sea coming at you, appears to rear up above you, and feels scary - when viewed through a telephoto lens. Succeeded in getting some shots, fully depicting the power, the anger, the roughness, the danger and every conceivable mood the Atlantic has to show. Back to base ( home ) to see how the shots turned out, when viewed on a bigger screen. Yup, pleased with that mornings work.