Denham Bridge - near Buckfast Abbey

A beautiful bridge in a secluded valley setting
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Today my wife and I visited Buckland Abbey, near Yelverton, Devon. Home to Sir Francis Drake. Famed for his victory against the Spanish Armada in 1588, and famous for his circumnavigation of the world. His home at Buckland Abbey, gave him a truly tranquil location to retreat to. A National Trust property now, and in keeping with their vast estate, another inspirational place to visit.
On a very narrow road nearby the Buckland Abbey Estate, we found "Denham Bridge". We turned a corner to spy the bridge we were due to cross, but it gave out a message to all photographers passing this way - stop & photo me, and reap your reward. We stopped and admired and took several photos, and we got our reward. I share that gift with you all.