Preserving our National Identity

The written word is sometimes stronger than the spoken word
Article text
Is n't it lovely to see "quirky" things ! On a day out exploring the area, and whilst visiting the village of Cargreen, by the River Tamar, I came across an unusual site. At first one could be fooled - it was the 1st of April after all. But this was no April Fool's joke - but a sign of inventiveness where it appears the community had lost their public telephone service, but converted the redundant telephone kiosk to a "book exchange" room. Hence demonstrating that perhaps the written word sometimes has power over the spoken word.
An excellent idea to preserve an old telephone kiosk, and use for the benefit of everyone - after all - the kiosk is just one of those things we find on our street scene, and is as such, part of our National Identity.
Well done Cargreen !