Lands End Motor Trial

Easter Saturday and competitors in The Lands End Motor Trial are in Cornwall
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2015-4-4 Land's End Trails - Ian Lee & Chris White in a Triumph Sixpence
The Motor Cycling Club website gives details of the Lands End Trial, and today competitors enjoyed fine weather to drive through the country roads of Cornwall. Their route took them through the beautiful village of Altarnun - famous for its' church ( known as The Cathedral of the Moor ) & I spent 3 hours watching competitors and the world go by. I took lots of photos of competitors ( motorbikes and cars ) on this, the 2015 Lands End Trial. Shared my enjoyment of photographing these Trail participants, by sending a selection of the photos to the website organisers for their archives.
After hill climbs in Crackington and Darracott, with layers of fresh mud having anointed them all, the competitors looked positively at ease, enjoying a pleasant amble on tarmac, through the Cornish countryside. Their drive sedately through Altarnun, on a pleasant Easter Saturday, appeared to meet the competitors total approval.
My camera attracts waves and smiles from almost all - as the lens points straight at them.
The motors soon passed, onwards on their pre assigned route, leaving the village to return to a more tranquil & quiet mood.
UPDATE: Five of the photos I took - including the one shown here - were published in a local newspaper - The Cornish & Devon Post. Pleased with that.