Khightshayes - Bolham, Tiverton

Knightshayes - a National Trust Property
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Glorious Knightshayes
As the National Trust Members book says - one of the South West's finest gardens in a wood. And "Wow" - it is just that ! Everywhere you turn are magnificent views, and hidden areas of trees and plants. The house too is very worthy of mention and visit. Our first time here & this is with out a doubt, a masterpiece to visit, and my wife and I will return. We were extra lucky in our choice of a fine warm day, and both our cameras were busy. It is easy to see, return visits in all seasons are needed to capture the changing moods and scenes it will undoubtedly offer. Would that this property was on our doorstep, but the distance will not deter us from returning. The National trust shop was well laid out & held an interesting stock of items. The restaurant too was excellent to visit - just wish prices were a little less, but as with most places, that is the level set by many businesses. For example - we had a slice of cake ( which was delicious ) for £2-95. We estimated the cake was cut into 16 pieces - so that is a whopping £47-20 income on one complete cake. Even allowing for cost of ingredients to make etc - that is quite some margin of profit ! Sorry for that negative note - we have overlooked that for the pure pleasure this visit afforded us. Knightshayes is a real treasure. We loved it, and loved the photo opportunities it provided.