Cornwall Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance to the rescue
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Cornwall Air Ambulance - a Life Saver
Late morning and the Cornwall Air Ambulance ( our helicopter ) powered in to the village of Altarnun, to help recover and transport a person in need of medical help, to hospital.
Accepting this meant someone was unfortunately in need of urgent medical help - - this was extra special for me because it gave a close up opportunity to photograph one of two new helicopters now allocated to this service. That of a "MD902 Explorer" . I took a host of photos from all angles whilst the copter was on the ground, and then put the camera into "Sport" mode - to multi shoot take off, after the patient had been taken on board. The pilot was happy to chat with me and pose for a photo with the copter too. As a thank you - I have shared many of the photos with the Cornwall Air Ambulance crew - for their library and possible use on publicity or their web site. I have also submitted some photos to local press.
I can only hope the person transported to hospital has benefited from the wonderful service these guys operate, and from the wonderful people of Cornwall who finance the operation.