Boscastle harbour

An evening scene in Boscastle harbour
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An evening in Boscastle - watching the sun go down, when around the headland and into the harbour entrance came a Gig, crewed by 6 oarsmen and a cox. They appear to have been out to sea, honing their skills for a possible forthcoming Gig racing event. All that could be heard was the quiet and controlled roar of the sea, interspersed with the sound of gulls - as this craft crept slowly and quietly home into the safety of the harbour. Like a ghostly shadow, the crew rowed by and up onto the shore to disembark and take the Gig out of the water. I could well imagine the crew, calling in at one of the pubs for a team beverage !
I was very pleased to have been there to witness the event, and be afforded this photo opportunity. Then out to the headland to photo the setting sun.
A very pleasant evening - worthy of inclusion in my blog.