Oh we do like to be beside the seaside !

Bude lockgates, where a group of friends enjoy making a big splash
Article text
Girls just wanna have fun
My wife and I had an evening visit to the coast to take yet more sunset scenes. This gave an opportunity to photograph a different coastal activity. A group of girls were jumping into the lock-gate area time and time again. With camera in hand, I approached the scene - too late - I was spotted, and the group clearly enjoyed the prospect of being photographed - and played to the camera - seeking my fullest attention. I took lots of shots, as they jumped and plummeted into the water below; & when they at last climbed out ( dripping wet ); they encircled me to view the photos. Pleased with my shots, they went merrily on their way. I then ( aided by my wife ) re-focused my attention to the the harbour, the sea and the setting sun. All in all, a good evening stroll, supplemented with some good photos - with a range of shots not expected or planned, but always prepared for these days. Shoot when the opportunity arises - eh !