National Drive it Day

Members of The Military Vehicle Trust go out on the road
Article text
Cornwall Military Vehicle Trust ( MVT )
Members of The Military Vehicle Trust ( MVT ) met as part of their "National Drive it Day".
The group formed outside Jamaica Inn, Bolventor at 1030 and drove to Five Lanes where they were joined by more members. From here the vehicle convoy set off for a 20 mile round trip, and returned to Five Lanes for late lunch. Apart from a puncture, and some vehicles getting separated from the convoy ( & eventually re-grouping ) it was an enjoyable event for all these enthusiasts.
I took the liberty of stopping the convoy as they approached the village of Altarnun, where they were nearly at the end of their journey; and asked if the convoy would all close up tight and slowly cross the bridge - allowing me to capture that rare moment in time. They happily and duly obliged. Great !
As a reward I took photos of all the participants and passed them copies; and sent reports with photos to my local village magazine ( Tre Pol Pen ) + local newspaper ( The Cornish & Devon + another newspaer
( The Western Morning News ) - to get the Trust extra publicity.