Go down the steep cobbled street to the tiny harbour
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Today my wife and I visited Clovelly - partly to renew acquaintance with this picturesque village, which we have not visited for many years - and partly seeking photo shots of the harbour - to use in the Western Morning News competition entitled "Boats and Harbours".
Todays newspaper edition displayed five - ( yes 5 ) of my competition entries submitted in recent days - so encouraged by this - I ( and my wife ) sought ever more interesting photo angles and scenes around this harbour, in the hope some more suitable shots could be submitted for entry into the competition. Reviewing the photos at home - yup - we are pleased, and we both feel we have some decent enough photos to enter.
We have not lost site of Clovelly itself, that provided the back drop to our shoot. This is truly a unique place - and with no traffic. Pick a fine day like we did, and linger over a coffee or other beverage that suits your pallet. It is unspoilt in it's beauty both in the village and along the coastline. A must for everyone to see.