Wildlife in the park

Attingham Park - in Shropshire
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Deer Park
A weekend away gave opportunity to visit a National Trust property :- Attingham Park - home to five generations of the Berwick family. We pulled in to the car park to find the area milling with walkers - all kitted out with boots, anoraks, rucksacks, walking sticks etc. Groups setting out in all directions - and my wife and I suspected they knew there was good walking and sight seeing opportunities in the countryside surrounding Attingham House. We decided to tour the house first, and true to the National Trust ethos - we found a building steeped in history and full of interesting art and artefacts. It was pleasing to have the freedom to take photos ( without flash ) & this enabled us to return home with a visual record of our visit - to help jog our memories.
Back outside ( as the walkers knew ) were several well marked out walking routes and we chose one that took us to see the bluebells followed by a walk into the aptly named "deer park". Here in the park were herds of deer, and out came the long lens for some close up shots, and I have attached one of these photos here.
The countryside around here has a stunning beauty, and many photos were taken. I particularly concentrated on natures beauty in the shapes and condition of trees.
Another location we highly recommend to see.