VE Day - 70th commemoration

Altarnun Church Bell Ringers mark this 70th anniversary of VE Day
Article text
The bells ring out across the country
Friday 8th May 2015 was the anniversary of VE Day ( Victory in Europe Day ), marking 70 years since the end of the second world war in Europe.
As part of a series of events across the UK, to commemorate this day, a request from Government was made for bells across the country to be rung at 11am on Saturday 9th May 2015,
Altarnun bell ringers have a tradition of supporting important events, and so far this year have rung the bells to mark St Piran’s Day and St George’s Day.
This request was also met with support from the team of ringers; and at precisely 11am ( using a pocket watch - seen here in the photo - & carried in the war 70 years ago by a local resident ), they proudly rang the bells, to mark the anniversary of this special event in history.
As one of the team of ringers here, I got the agreement of the ringers to take a photo in the Bell Ringing Chamber afterwards. I set my camera up on a tripod, organised the group, and took the photo using a remote control.
It's so nice to be among friends, enjoying the moment, and raising the National flags.