Doc Martin country

Port Isaac - otherwise known as Port Wenn - Home to Doc Martin
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Through the eye of a needle - well an old "Anchor" really
A sunny afternoon affords yet another opportunity to head to the North Cornish coast - to be precise - to the seaside village of Port Isaac - now made famous with the Doc Martin TV series located and filmed here. Seeking yet more opportunities to take photos possibly suitable for entry into the Western Morning News "Ports & Harbours" competition. With the tide on the turn and some fishing craft moored there was shots to be had. Other photographers were there with the same ideas. Also lots of visitors many with cameras & it was interesting to notice people watching each other & gleaning ideas for photo angles and shots. I had one guy watch me, and after I moved on, he duly took my place for the same shots - looking through the hole of an anchor - I only hope he used centre spot metering like me - to get the shot I was after. I smiled - as I often watch others to see & learn from what they see, that is not apparent to me. The best ideas are sometimes stolen - but hey - we learn from that; and it is a back handed compliment - after all.