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Preparing the wicket
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Preparing the wicket at North Cornwall Cricket Club, Bude
As mentioned in other "Blogs" - I have submitted several entries into the Western Morning News photo competitions & for the last 2 months the competition theme has been :- "Summer Theme". That competition has now ended & the winner has been awarded to a lovely picture of wild flowers on a roundabout in Exeter. Congratulations for a photo of difference, but ably depicting "summer".

There were 16 pages showcasing runner up photos, and I was particularly pleased as 4 of my entries featured, and that exceeded any other photographers featured photo totals.
Does that mean I can claim "2nd place" ???? You would expect me to try & claim that - would n't you !
But what I will claim - is just the fun of competing - and it was fun. Competition is good to get us amateur photographers to "focus" ( no pun intended ) on what we are taking & concentrating on continual improvement.

One such photo in this "runners up" group is attached here. I hope you agree with my effort to depict "summer".

Finally, and proudly, I have to tell you - my wife also got a photo in the "runners up" section. She only submitted one photo for the whole competition & got it in the runner up section.
One out of one - 100% success. How about that ! Congratulations to my photographer wife.