The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

The main Catholic church in Buenos Aires
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A special cathedral
This cathedral is located in the city centre, overlooking Plaza de Mayo. The building style outside, hides great beauty inside. There are precious 18th century statues and alter-pieces, and a mix of decoration through the ages.

A special building to visit for another reason too. It was here that Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio served the people of Argentina. in March 2013 this Archbishop was elected as the next Pope, and he chose the name :- Pope Francis.

This building now has a bigger status & symbol for Buenos Aires & Argentina & people are naturally very proud of the link with the current Pope.

From a visitors viewpoint - this building is truly spectacular. We also heard a person sing at a short service, and the voice of the singer can only be described as "heaven sent". It was an amazing privilege to be there to see & to listen.