Altarnun Church Organ

Old Organ removed
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Dismantling the old Church Organ
Over the past year - a lot of fundraising has taken place in the village of Altarnun - to finance the purchase of a replacement organ for St Nonnas Church, and to finance the many weeks it will take to remove the old worn out organ, and build the new one.
I have the project to document for posterity - firstly the dismantling of the old organ; and then the build - stage by stage - of the replacement organ.
The good news - whilst the old organ was beyond it's life expectancy - many, many of the parts are being recycled. Not only is the main organ specialist able to reuse parts, but local residents - like artists - have taken parts for their art projects.
Many local residents - including myself - have been allowed to have a small part as a memento. I chose one of the keyboard organ stops.
The photo here with this blog shows removal of some of the side panels and some of the keys. Assisting the organ specialist, is a small team of locals, including the Church Warden etc.
More photos will appear in the main sections of the site.