A Russian Tall Ship visits Plymouth

A replica of the Russian frigate - the Shtandart
Article text
The Shtandart
A full sized wooden replica of a three masted frigate, which was a replica of a Russian 1703 "man-o'-war" was due to sail into Plymouth on the evening tide, on the 6th October; so my wife and I travelled to this naval city, arrived early and positioned ourselves overlooking Plymouth Sound - hoping to record this ship - in full sail. Cameras with long lenses at the ready - we waited & waited & waited. The due arrival time sailed by ( sorry for that seaworthy pun) & we decided to investigate, by walking to the harbour where it was planned the Shtandart would moor up.
Guess what - there it was. We soon discovered that thanks to the prevailing winds, this "man-o'-war" made excellent time from Calais, and had sailed in on the morning tide.
So, having missed the main event - there was no course left but to photo her moored in the harbour. This was never going to be so dramatic - but here is one of the shots I took - enjoy.