The Cornish Cross

The Cornish Cross, Saltash
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The Celtic Cross
The Tamar Bridge is the Gateway into Cornwall.

How fitting to be welcomed into the county - with a huge symbol of this Celtic landscape, with a true iconic West-country landmark.

The Cornish Cross - built in 2013 - stands 20 metres ( 66ft ) high. Constructed of space age carbon fibre materials to give a "copper" appearance - that just seems fitting to Cornwall's mining industry for tin and other metals.

This whole area is steeped in history. Having visited the Cornish Cross - go down below the Tamar & Brunel bridges - to see the Brunel statue. It commemorates an English engineer of great importance - just like the Cornish Cross commemorates all that this great county represents.

By now you must have guessed - I am a Cornishman - through and through - and proud to be one.