Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree in Trafalgar
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Christmas in London
My wife and I regularly like to organise a trip into London at this time of year, just to wander the streets, and soak up the festive atmosphere. We walked miles - but fitter in mind and body for it !

One important item to see, is the tree in Trafalgar. Many will know - the tree is donated to Britain by the people of Oslo, Norway. A tradition that stretches back many years. And might I say - we appreciate this kind gesture.
As we experience so many vile acts by mankind - to one another - it is so helpful - to see the better side of humankind, and be reminded - we are one big family.

The rest of the day was special too - with so many lights to see in Regent Street & Oxford Street, and elsewhere. My camera was busy as usual.
Enjoy the Trafalgar photo I took earlier in the day & attached here.