Altarnun Church

Replacement Organ build
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The replacement Organ build for Altarnun Church
Earlier blogs reported the activity this year, to remove the old worn out organ, and replace with a much finer beast.

This blog and photos provides a brief update on how the work is progressing. In fact it was more than just work - it was very long days and really frenetic activity, by David ( the organ builder and expert ). He has worked so hard behind the scenes at home in his workshop - refurbishing every single part, and then in these recent days - working to get sufficient parts in place, to make the organ playable for Christmas. An amazing achievement - which David had promised for the church.

Now in 2017, is a continuation of the refurbishment and build - until well into March, before completion. Then we will truly hear the magnificent sound this organ is capable of. It's getting interesting and exciting now - to witness this progression.

Watch this space for more photos and reports.