Altarnun Church Organ

A new organ for Altarnun Church
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Organ pipes in Altarnun Church
Over approximately a 2 year period - money was raised to replace the old worn out organ in Altarnun Church - with a much bigger and more powerful beast of an organ.

Yours truly was employed to record the build of the new organ - meaning many visits to the church. It was wonderful to see from start to finish - what exactly an organ comprises of. Suffice to say - many, many, many parts. A very complex jigsaw to put together - but the guy who undertook the job - Master Organ Builder - David Gridley - did a magnificent job.

Here is a photo of new pipes on the front of the organ - partially painted - put temporarily into position.

I liked this photo for the difference of angle - to show the pipes in effect positioned to send music heavenwards - up into the church rafters - to the glory of God.