Amalfi Cathedral
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The Cathedral of St. Andrew - Amalfi
Whilst staying in Sorrento - a must is to visit the Amalfi coast, and we visited the town of Amalfi itself.

As a first time visitor to Amalfi, when you first catch sight of the Cathedral of St. Andrew, it can only be described as stunning.

Situated in the square - called the Piazza del Duomo - is this 9th-century Roman Catholic cathedral. Go inside and you will be surprised by how magnificent a building it is.
Then again, perhaps you will not be surprised - as one comes to expect great visions of architecture, displays of marble and other ornate stone, and of course - gold.

The Amalfi Cathedral did not disappoint. It is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew whose relics are kept here. Visit the crypt and then climb the stairs to the main part of the Cathedral, with its sumptuous Baroque interior dating from the 18th century.
My photo here tries to show what a masterpiece this building is.

A visit to Amalfi town & its Cathedral is to be recommended.